RUNBAAZ - Aspire To Inspire with this moto in mind we aim to change the views and help people achieve their fitness goals. Although the RunBazz is a running community where you can learn many things and works towards achieving your health goals. RunBaaz organizes fitness workout in a safe, unique, positive and supportive environment.

RunBazz is a group of people associated together not on the basis of how fast or far they ran, but by the spirit and passion they show towards fitness and health. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, we have a program and community to help achieve a good health and fitness.

We have programs for all levels of ability, and fitness experts in our running group, which makes us the best Running Community in Lucknow. Whatever your fitness aim is, we will help you achieve it.


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Our Mission

RunBaaz strives to share our love of competitive and cooperative running by bringing people together from all walks of life, to move in the same positive direction. We work to provide a family oriented, happy, healthy, enthusiastic atmosphere to run and socialize while supporting our community and charitable organizations. We hope to use our passion for running to build friendships, provide encouragement, and improve ourselves with no regard to age, cultural differences, gender, pace or experience. Our goal is to learn and grow through our shared experience, and to leave no runner behind.

Our Vision

RunBaaz sees an ever-increasing number of individuals around the world improving their own lives through physical activity, and in doing so, improving the lives of countless others through direct philanthropic efforts.
When #fitness is achieved for one's self and surroundings, the world becomes a better place. Guidance, support and encouragement of a healthier lifestyle that incorporates various running and walking platforms, catering for all levels of ability and age groups. Build a family and friendly orientated environment that is founded on support, sportsmanship and respect for one another.

Our Philosophy

Whatever your goals may be, anybody can start with RUNBAAZ, which will help you achieve your running and fitness goals while providing a great social network in a supportive environment.
Run For Healthy future !!
At RUNBAZZ we perform many activities including: short running, long runs, cycling,yoga and much more. We have inspired many, motivated other people who want to be healthy, and pushed others runners to great heights. Our main aim is to promote fitness and help every individual achieve their fitness goal.